Download Root Explorer FREE for Android | free Root Explorer

Download Root Explorer FREE for Android

Root explorer will run if you have been at the root smartphone. Root exlorer allows you to access all the files on your smartphone. including accessing files in Micro-CD card, and also access files in system.
There are many features provided this root explorer apk. So, you must Download root explorer free here.

Download Root Explorer for android

Root Explorer apk free for android

Great feature is the included text viewer, SQL database viewer, linux script handler, handler apk, text editor, zip viewer, tar viewer and zip viewer. You can also change the file permissions of a file. You can do the execution, among others, read, write, and execute. Modified the system file and so on.
You also can enjoy the features of file transfer. You can send files via bluetooth, facebook, email – Gmail, messaging, picasa, twitter, WhatsApp and also youtube.
you can also compress the file in a way to zip and unzip at the same time.

Download Root Explorer for free

you can download root explorer apk 2013 for samsung galaxy ace. root explorer for galaxy s3. root explorer for galaxy S, Galaxy S3, galaxy S3 mini and so on. That include android 2.3.6 up.
Download root explorer free for android: here

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