List of Android OS – From v1.0 to jelly Bean

List of Android Operating System

In the year of 2012, Android so well known and many devotees. Even the operating system of another defeat. As well as iOS and apple or blackberry.
From the first time introduced android. Android OS version has emerged from the first to the present.
This time, I’ll share a list of android OS version from the earliest to the present.

Evolution of Android OS

Evolution of Android OS

Here’s my review:

Evolution of Android OS – Cupcake to Jelly bean

1. Android v1.0
this is the first OS made. After that, the longer the v.1.1 update.
After some time, we have emerged v1.5 familiar with android Cupcake. of course it is still very limited features.

2. Android Donut and Eclair
android donut is also known as the android v1.6. This version supports a better view, can be seen already supports higher screen resolutions. After that, followed by Android Eclair, the v2.0 / v2.1. This OS has supported bluetooth and a good camera.

3. Android Froyo
Also known as android froyo v2.2. This is an Android OS that is known and widely used android smartphone. Despite getting a little old, but very good and compatible applications. Supported features include WiFi hotspot and USB tethering.

4. Android Gingerbread
This is often known as the android v2.3. The applications are also increasing support for good. Includes additional features to support NFC functionality keyboard, camera, MP3 player and google wallet.
Android Ggingerbread has been updated with several versions. The latest version is android gingerbread version v2.3.7.

5. Android Honeycomb
Commonly known as honeycomb v3.0. As we know a lot of tablets that use this operating system. Due to the Honeycomb operating system optimized for tablet users. Features offered is not bad. browsing with multiple tabs, and multi-core processor. Last update version is v3.2.6.

6. Android Ice Cream Sandwich
Android version ice cream sandwich or we often call the ICS, was released early in October 2011. famous features is face unlock. you can lock your screen with face recognition.

7. Android Jelly Bean
The final version is android version v4.1 / v4.2. More towards features offered to the user interface. A softer appearance and other features feature improvements.

The last, Android Key Lime Pie. This version has not been released. maybe in 2013 it will be released with the latest smartphones. but we do not know for sure.

That list of early versions of Android to date.

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