How to Share Internet Connection from Android Phone to Laptop

How to Share Internet Connection from Android Phone to PC

how to share internet connection from android phone to laptop

How to Share Internet Connection from Android Phone to Laptop

How to Share Internet Connection / WIFI from Android Phone to Laptop

Sharing internet connection from Android smart phone to the laptop is needed. When in a pinch, or just want to share your internet connection with friends. Your smart phone can become a wifi hotspot.
you can share your internet connection to your laptop using WiFi tethering and portable hotspot feature. Maybe you can share internet connection from samsung galaxy ace to laptop.

This way is very easy, you just do a little adjustment on your smartphone, and you’re done :)
If you are interested, please do the following. Make sure your smart phone operating system is Android. in this case I tried with Samsung Galaxy Ace.

How to Share Internet Connection from Samsung galaxy ace to Laptop

follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the smartphone Wifi settings are correct. For setting, please go to settings > WiFi / More > Tethering and portable hotspot > Mobile AP settings > Configure Mobile AP.
  2. After that, it will show a popup menu, containing stuffing Network SSID and security.
  3. In Network SSID column field, enter the name of your favorite hotspot.
  4. In the security field, there are two options: the open and WPA2 PSK.
  5. If you choose open, then when you’ve lived hotspot, the computer / laptop does not need to enter a password when you want to connect to WiFi. After that, choose save.
  6. To enable wifi tethering, then checklist the Mobile AP checkbox.
  7. Then, see that your WiFi hotspot is Live. To see it, there is a wifi blue icon in the top notification menu.

To use the Internet connection of your smart phone, simply open the laptop and look at the bottom right, there is a network connection icon. THen open / click the icon, and select the name of the WiFi that you have created on your smart phone. After that, click Connect. completed :)
if there are any questions, please comment below.
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How to Share Internet Connection from Android Phone to Laptop

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