Simple Tips to Save Android Phone Battery Life

Best Way to save android phone battery life

This time i will give you tutorials on how to save your android battery. All people start to replace their phone with smart phone that uses android system as the operation system. There are some benefits that you will get when you use Android phone.

Best tips to save android phone battery life

Save android battery life

You can do all things start from communicate with other people until do your business anytime and all places. People are happy with android phone but sometime they feel bad because they must bring their charger to all places. They need to charge the battery more than three times per day.

Some experts then start to discuss about the solution. They give you some simple tips to save the battery life.

How to Save Android battery life

The first tips is you must know the battery problem and try to fix it first. How to check your battery condition? You can go to Setting and choose Device then you can choose Battery when you use Android 4.0 ICS. When you use Gingerbread version, you can go to setting -> about phone and then choose status. You will be able to see the percentage of the battery too there. Facebook and Twitter usually will take big amount of your battery, cause they always request data through 3G connection or internet connection. It is better for you to sign out from facebook and twitter when you don’t need it. Block ads in android apps and games can save battery life.

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Second tips, you can change the screen brightness. Reducing the brightness of your Android screen is effective to save your battery life.

Third tips, you must turn off location services. You can disable the GPS and location services such as Google Map. It will help to extend android battery life.

Fourth tips, by controlling the refresh interval. You must check the app setting first and then refresh it. It will give significant effect to your battery.

Fifth tips, you must end some apps that you don’t use. It is simple tip and you can save more your battery. Those tips will help you who want to use your Android all days without suffer with low battery.

Sixth Tips, you can set a shorter screen timeout. So, reducing your screen timeout is an easy way to conserve power. :)
OK, that’s all tips from me, if you have more tips for extend the android phone battery, please suggest and comment below. :)

Simple Tips to Save Android Phone Battery Life

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