Asus RO52C | Review Specs Price Asus RO52C

Asus RO52C | Review Specs Price

Asus RO52C Review

Asus RO52C is available in this month. This laptop will be available in Europe, as, and will follow other countries, such as Italia, UK, Austria. for the price of Asus RO52C in Europe and America, has a price of around € 319.

Asus RO52C Specifications

for the performance , the netbook comes with a Cedar Trail platform inside, namely the N2800 dual core processor, running at 1.86 GHZ, and integrated graphics will be able to give a better HD experience.

Asus RO52C using a screen size of 1024 x 600 pixel LED backlit screen with a matte finish. This laptop has used design flare,that will beautify the laptop design more efficient and ergonomic. Asus RO52C comes in several colors, like purple, brown, red, blue, black and white.
Asus RO52C has a size of 10 inches. which seems more and not less than asus eee pc 1025c. Asus RO52C is european version of the Asus 1025C.

Asus RO52C Price

in India, UK, Italia, Austria. For the price, Asus RO52C has a price of around € 319.

let’s look at the video below about Asus RO52C:

Asus RO52C Review Specs Price

Asus RO52C european version

Asus RO52C | Review Specs Price Asus RO52C

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