Asus Taichi Now Available in New Zealand

Asus Taichi Now Available in New Zealand

Asus Taichi Now Available in New Zealand – Asus Taichi now available in New Zealand. As reported by  Asus, Asus Taichi that is now available in New Zealand. This is a notebook with a dual screen. As it is known in advance that the Asus Taichi is a combination of tablet and notebook. For the price in New Zealand, about NZD $ 2.149. you can get it from online retailers including Harvey Norman.

Let us discuss about the specs of the Asus Taichi. It is powered by 3rd generation intel core processor and backed by 4GB of DDR3 RAM. make the performance of Asus Taichi louder when accessing applications and files.
Asus is running on the Windows 8 operating system. Processor used is the Intel Core i7. Amazingly this is a laptop that thin, light, and ultra-mobile.

ASUS Announces TAICHI in New Zealand

Asus Taichi gives a spectacular high-definition view with games, applications and videos. Because it is supported by two 1080p Full HD displays.
Each back-to-back screen can be used separately with different apps. one with the keyboard and multi-touch touchpad, the other with the multi-touch screen and stylus. For connectivity features, available features WiFi and USB 3.0 ports. It also provides a webcam for video purposes and see your opponent via webcam chat.

ASUS Announces TAICHI in new zealand

ASUS Announces TAICHI in new zealand

So, for those of you who live in New Zealand, it’s time for you to buy and order asus taichi 21 on your premises. If you want to try a laptop with dual screen, then asus taichi 21 is the right choice. You can enjoy this device like a tablet and a laptop. very interesting and unique.

If you want to see the full specs, see here: Asus taichi review, specs and price

Asus Taichi Available in New Zealand

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