Thinnest laptop in the world

The Thinnest Laptop in This Planet Now

Latest laptops are mostly manufactured with ultra light and thin features so that people don’t find any hassle in handling and carrying these gadgets. People simply look for the thinnest laptop under their budget. Companies of laptops are on competitions to find out the laptop with can be called thinnest in entire world. This competitions for a thin laptop will ultimately make benefit for customers. All top rated companies claim that their laptops are the world’s thinnest laptops.

But, when various factors are considered like performance, easy handling, power and compatibility then only a few come in search for the thinnest laptop:

  • Samsung series 9:

  • This laptop is recently released and Samsung has claimed that this is the world’s thinnest laptop. When experts have examined it from various points of views which may term a laptop as the thinnest then this series 9 from Samsung passed all tests. This laptop is only 0.6 inch deep and hence, termed as the thinnest because no other laptop has been built yet like this. The weight of this laptop is less than 3 pounds and available with 13 inches and 15 inches model.

    samsung thinnest laptop

  • Samsung series 9 may be the thinnest but it can deliver amazing 10 hours of battery back which is really admirable. With i7 core processor this laptop has 4GB DDR3 SD RAM. This laptop has been produced in such a way and with a new technology which will retain the battery power of this laptop even after 3 years. This is really wonderful for any customer and especially for students and businessmen who use laptops frequently. The laptop has all latest features of memory, graphics, media, and connectivity.

  • Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga: This is a super thin laptop with 13 inches thin screen and from a well-known company Lenovo. The screen is convertible and can be said as a large tablet. The laptop is available with i3 and i5 processors. Though this can be called as the thin laptop after the former Samsung one yet this is not a very powerful laptop. But, IdeaPad Yoga has a decent battery life which is enough to attract to any customer.

    Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

  • Dell XPS 13: XPS 13 from Dell is one of the beautiful laptops which is called as the thinnest one. The laptop is obtainable in i5 processor and i7 processor format. The slim point of this laptop has been recorded as 6mm. The minimum range RAM can be recorded as 4GB DDR3.

    dell thinnest laptop

  • HP SpectreXT TouchSmart: This is a touch screen featured thin laptop. SpectreXT is loaded with all the latest features which can be included in an ultra book series. This is also HP’s first laptop to present the incredibly speedy thunderbolt connection. This is simply not a thin laptop, but, it can be called as one of the master laptop of multimedia.

    hp thinnest laptop

  • Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A: This is one of the slim and thin laptops which offer value for price to customers. The screen resolution is great along with the premium quality of the solid storage capacity.

    asus thinnest laptop

  • Asus Taichi: This is a slim and thin double screen laptop. The thin part of the laptop can be recorded as 11.6 inches. The screen resolution of this laptop is superb with the latest processor of i7. The weight of Taichi is recorded only 1.1kg for customers.

    Asus Taichi

  • Gigabyte U2442: Gigabyte has introduced this wonderful laptop which is ready to attract young crowd under its thinnest body. When the terms of power and affordability can be expressed then this laptop has shown great balance. This laptop can serve those people well who are interested to buy a laptop for everyday works and if they want the thinnest one.

    Gigabyte thinnest laptop

  • Acer Aspire S7: If a person wants to buy the thinnest laptop from Acer then he or she has two excellent choices. This is because Aspire S7 is available in two different slim shots or thinnest sizes one is 11.6 inches wide and another is 13.3 inches wide. The laptop has 1080p high screen resolution with Windows 8 and all the novel 10 points touch display.

    acer thinnest laptop

  • MacBook Air: Last, but not the least, this Macbook is probably the second thinnest laptop in this planet. Though it is a Macbook, it has super skinny Chassis. The premium quality of this laptop and the innovative design for an ultra book with gorgeous white color is really awesome. A number of new aged technology features have been included with Air Macbook.

    macbook thinnest laptop

It is now up to the customer what configuration he or she needs and what is the thinnest laptop he or she actually needs from this list.

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