World’s Most Expensive Laptops

World’s Most Expensive Laptops

Laptops and other related gadgets have become the essential part of life. Now, technological advancement takes place globally.

Laptops are the basic need of daily routine life because; these are the everyday things for everyone. These machines are used in business, home and for study use. Laptop is the basic need of the modern world. When people want to buy a laptop they have so many things in mind firstly, the price of the laptop, portability, upgrades/repair, ergonomics and space. But, because of the advanced technology the most expensive laptop range is also present in the market for the group of elite people.

Traditionally, desktops computers were used everywhere. In offices, schools, colleges but now, Desktop computers are getting smaller day by day and laptops are taking place of these computers. They are gaining more popularity nowadays. Laptop consumes a smaller space of the house or any office. It is basically a handy and light weight device. As they required minimum space, people can place them anywhere as per their convenience.

Laptops and other similar devices are the great example of technological advancements. There are some companies who produce such laptops which are the most expensive laptop. They made these laptops only for the elite class people like: entrepreneurs, businessman and other similar people.

  • The exclusive range of laptop, which is very expensive as well and comes in a limited edition by companies like Dell, Acer, Lenovo etc.

  • The features of these machineries are incredible and their special features make them the most precious laptops.

  • When people go through the list of top 10 computers in the world, they will wonder to see that, why people want these expensive laptops when the other ranges of laptop comes in one tenth of its price available in the market?

  • Taking the other example, why people purchase BMW, Mercedes when a Ford, Suzuki and other similar products are already available in the market? Same will be applicable with expensive laptops. People have money and they want to spend their money in expensive and luxurious product. They love to buy such products which exist in the market in small numbers.

The Most Expensive Laptops in the world are:

  • Number one computer in the world: Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop – This is the costliest laptop in the whole world. The best thing of spending million dollars on this laptop is, the buyer can choose any material like gold, diamonds, leather or can be anything. They can upgrade the laptop whenever it is required. An inbuilt feature of USB sticks, MP3 player and 128 GB solid state drive.

Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop

  • The computer which comes on number two in the world is Tulip E-Go Diamond Laptop – This laptop is made up of small and almost microscopic diamonds and a decoration made by fitting white gold into it. It is also famous for its super fine glossy finishing which looks extraordinary. The cost of this laptop is 3, 55,000 dollars. It looks like a woman’s handbag. These are mostly liked by women. It also described as a luxurious and desired notebook by the women.

Tulip E-Go Diamond Laptop

  • Ego for Bentley Laptop comes on the position of number three on the list. It comes with the unbelievable price tag of 20,000 dollars. The colors also match and admire Bentley with diamonds and leather.

Ego for Bentley Laptop

  • Another laptop which comes in the top 10 expensive list of laptops is Rock Xtreme SL8 Laptop. This is basically called a gaming laptop. It costs 5000 dollars with a 17 inch display. It is made for the extreme gaming series and weighs over 5 kg. This is the fastest laptop in the world and comes with Intel Core2 Quad Processor and a RAM of 8 GB.

Rock Xtreme SL8 Laptop


  • Dell Precision M6400 Laptop also comes in the list of most expensive laptops. It costs 3000 Dollars. The laptop comes with a 17 inches display; it is good to watch movies and playing games on it. Dell is a leading computer producer company. It’s a powerful and high performance device which comes at a reasonable price.

Dell Precision M6400


  • Acer Ferrari 1100 Laptop is also one of the most expensive laptop and some people say that the tag of Acer Ferrari 1100 is enough to justify its tag of 3000 dollars. It has a very strong body and built which consists of 2.3 GHz dual core processor, 250 GB SATA hard disk and 4GB DDR2 (RAM). This is one of the popular laptops available in the market. It is very light in weight and mostly found in the hands of businessman.

Ace Ferrari 1100 Laptop

These are the luxurious items exists in the global market which are served by some of the companies and they continue to serve these extravagantly, wealthy and proficient designs with unique features in it.

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