The Best Prepaid Smartphone Deals

The Best Prepaid Smartphone Deals

A person can find the best prepaid smartphone for his daily use. There are so many choices for prepaid smart phones. Hence, it is not easy to select one from a huge list of smart phones. An individual can now easily get the best one when the list is cut short for five or six choices. There are some selected prepaid smart phones’ models which are mentioned below according to their experts’ reviews, popularity and customers’ satisfaction:

  • Galaxy S3 (MetroPCS)

galaxy s3


  • Now, it is like every smart person wants this phone for reflection of personality and styles in his or her life. The prepaid deal has been offered for this at $40/month. A person can enjoy 4G LTE surfing up to 250MB at the time of buying. In this package, unlimited text and talk facility is included.

  • The offer with this beautiful and high performing phone continues with $55/month package. Within this offer, 4G surfing is available up to 2.5GB. This is limited time offer but a person can enjoy unlimited talking and text messaging with this prepaid offer. Samsung Galaxy S3 also brings $60/month prepaid offer which delivers 5GB of data usage under the same 4G LTE service. Along with unlimited talk and text offers, this prepaid smart phone package also comprises Rhapsody unlimited Music sensation.

  • The highest prepaid offer for MetroPCS has been recorded as $70/month. This serves unlimited videos on demand, MetroStudio special text, talk and data.

  • This is the best prepaid smartphone, also known as ice-cream sandwich under Android bearing 1.5GHz processor dual-core and appealing 8MP focused camera effects.

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile)

galaxy s2


  • People can make a prepaid deal with this sophisticated gadget as WalMart is offering it at $329 (excluding taxes). T-Mobile price is determined for Galaxy S2 is T$399. The prepaid deal bags $30 refillable card can be found within the starter package. At this price, an individual can run this smart mobile for unlimited web browsing and for 100 minutes talk along with limitless text messaging. The talking restriction is removed when customers pay $50 for unlimited talk, text and web activities.

  • S2 Galaxy is touching hearts as the best prepaid smartphone in the competitive market with powerful assembling like 1.5GHz processor dual-core. This prepaid smart mobile has the capability to provide 42Mbps as downloading hurricane.

  • LG Motion 4G (MetroPCS)

LG motion 4g


  • At third place, this is worth to mention about this MetroPCS which is presented with $40/month prepaid arrangement for 4G LTE and the offer goes up to 250MB of data. Text and talk are provided unlimited here. Customers can bag 2.5GB of data when they are ready to pay up $55/month.

  • Likewise, 5GB of data usages are obtainable when prepaid agreement is made with $60/month. Here, clients will enjoy Rhapsody Unlimited Music along with other offers. Text, talk and video on demand through MetroStudio is possible to procure when the deal touches $70/month for LG Motion under fourth generation format.

  • LG Motion stands tall with other competitors by displaying content and material with the power of 1.2GHz Snapdragon dual-core CPU and the capability of 1080p HD recording/ displaying of videos.

  • HTC Evo Design 4G (Boost Mobile)

HTC Evo Design 4G


  • If buyers are accustomed with the aforesaid models then they can get satisfaction with HTC Evo prepaid deals. This smart phone can get 2.5GB of data usages under unlimited talk and text format when payment is done with $55/month. But, there is a reason why people can get Evo as the best prepaid smartphone.

  • People can reduce the price of buying this prepaid gadget down to $40 every month when six timely payments is done. After six on-time payments, customers get benefited with $5 discount. This is a great deal under Sprint’s network where email and calling facility of 411 is smoothly available.

  • Another reason why this is preferred by many buyers is that it has rock solid configuration – Lithium Ion 1,520mAh long lasting battery life with 1.2GHz processor. This is a pleasant surprise because this prepaid mobile also offers Techradar facility, Wifi and GPS system smoothly.

  • Samsung T679 Exhibit II 4G (T-Mobile)

Samsung T679 Exhibit II 4G


  • Clients can choose this prepaid smart phone when they agree with $30 every month deal. Text and web surfing are reachable unlimited but talk has been provided with 100 minutes at the starting point. Leading websites worldwide are offering it for $199.87 (without taxes’ rate).

  • This beautiful piece of mobile phone gadget can also be the best prepaid smartphone with the speedy configuration like 1GHz processor from Snapdragon, RAM 512MB and internal data storage capacity maximum 32GB.

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