Sony Xperia Go: Waterproof Smartphone

Sony Xperia Go: Waterproof Smartphone

Sony Xperia Go Review, specs and Price

Xperia Go: Waterproof Smartphone
Companies from Japan, Sony are now trying to make a lot of commotion with people in creating their latest products Xperia Go-resilient if in the dip into the water. You will surely be amazed when saw the advantages of this smart phone.

Sony Xperia Go Specs

Xperia Go is a new generation of Sony enterprise. Sony has previously been issued phones like sony Xperia Go Uncategorized hardiness. If it is waterproof you would like to know what the other advantages of this phone is a reliable one. In view of the design of Sony Xperia Go, it is not like other durable phones, which have the identical ferocious appearance, but on the contrary, Xperia Go retaining a modern stylish look. When you grasp the phone even this was so fascinating, because the shape is very comfortable and fit in the hand. Although the casing of sony Xperia Go is made of plastic you do not have to feel less sophisticated, because it will not be seen by anyone, guaranteed when you use the phone’s many eyes that will see you.

sony xperia Go techiehandy

sony xperia Go techiehandy

All parts are covered with a very safe port so it does not allow water to get into the phone hardware inside, you definitely feel lucky when having a smart phone this one, because it is very suitable for those of you who often face the adventurous nature, perhaps with a phone Your premises will no longer worry about the rain or fell into the river. Xperia Go operating systems already use android ics as well as in Arm with dual core processor ST Ericsson U8500 NovaThor and 512MB RAM.

With this sophisticated processor certainly will never let you down when playing and exploring applications in mobile performance. And How about the camera? Is it interesting enough? Cameras that available in the Xperia Go pretty good, which is a 5 MegaPixel camera that means a standard that you can use to capture images or record video with high resolution. Remember that Xperia Go withstand water immersion though the phone has a maximum limit, which is about 30 minutes.

Sony Xperia Go Price
Sony Xperia Go: Waterproof Smartphone

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