Acer Iconia W5 and Iconia W7 Review, Specs and Price

Acer Iconia W5 and iconia W7 Windows 8 Review, specs and price

One of the best-selling gadget this year is the tablet. tablet is a pretty simple gadget with wide screen and full touch screen. However, Acer will launch a tablet with Windows 8 operating system. One of its products are the Acer Iconia W5 and acer Iconia W7.

Acer Iconia W5 Review, Specs and Price

Acer Iconia W5
Acer Iconia W5 tablet / laptop that runs with Windows 8 operating system. Acer Iconia W5 is designed with a white bezel. screen size 10.1 inch touchscreen. This tablet could be a tablet or laptop. if released from the keyboard, it will be a unique tablet.

There are good specifications of the Acer Iconia W5. There is a 4GB RAM. For media storage, 64GB of av

acer iconia W5 and W7

acer iconia W5

ailable memory and can be expanded up to 32GB with a micro SD card. In addition to the storage media are available features micro usb port for connecting to other devices.

Acer Iconia W7 Review, Specs and Price

Acer Iconia W7
Acer Iconia W7 is a tablet that runs on the Windows 8 operating system.

has a 11.6-inch screen size and screen resolution size of 1920×1080 full HD. Camera feature also supports this tablet. There are two cameras available. Camera resolution 5 MP at back. and one again 1.3 MP resolution camera in front.  Acer Iconia W7 is powered by Intel Core i5/i3 processor. Moreover, supported by 4GB of ram.
for the purposes of file transfer, pasted features such as USB 3.0 port, Bluettooth and a battery life up to 8 hours.
Acer Iconia W5 and Iconia W7 Review, Specs and Price

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