Why Google Nexus 10 is an iPad 4th Gen Killer

Google Nexus 10 is an iPad 4th Gen Killer
I bet there are many people are asking about the difference between Google Nexus 10 and iPad 4th gen. The long battle between Samsung and Apple has reached another round, and it is a fierce showdown unlike the previous ones.

Google Nexus 10 vs Apple iPad 4th Gen

Google is involved in the most part of the Nexus 10 development, and they add Miracast technology to Android 4.2, the new feature that will allow wireless display mirorring on many devices. Meanwhile Apple got the AirPlay, which quite similar compared to Miracast.

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Google Nexus 10

One obvious advantage of the Nexus 10 where iPad 4th gen cannot match is the display. Although Apple claimed that the iPad 4th got the    Retina-quality display; but the quality difference is obvious if compared to Nexus’ display resolution. Google brands their new Nexus as “highest resolution on the planet”.

Size-wise, there’s not much difference between both tablets. Average users won’t complain about these small differences on size and weight. There’s also little differences between the battery life. Apple said that their new iPad 4th gen battery can last for 10 hours, while Nexus 10’s battery can last for 9 hours.

Nexus 10 Specifications

Apple Ipad 4th Specifications

The same goes to the back camera. Both comes with the same 5 MPx camera. However, nexus 10 have a slightly better front camera with 1.9 MPx camera compared to iPad’s 1.2 MPx camera. Regarding the processor power, both comes with new horsepower. Apple iPad 4th gen got A6X processor and Samsung Nexus 10 comes with Exynos 5250 with dual-core A15 Eagle CPU and Quad-core ARM Mali-T604 GPU. Which one faster? You should wait until we get our hands to these tablets and you can see the benchmarks then.
In terms of connectivity, both tablets have the standard Bluetooth 4.0 and wi-fi. But those who are eager to try the 4G LTE should choose iPad 4, because unlike the WiFi-only Nexus 10, Apple made a version of it that support this lightning fast broadband connection.

Apple Ipad 4th Price

Google Nexus 10 Price

One of the most important parts of this comparison is of course the price. At the same storage capacity of 16GB, Apple iPad 4th gen is priced at $499, while the Google Nexus 10 is priced at $399. As usual, Apple offers several version, and the prices for the 32GB and 64GB iPad 4th gen are $599 and $699, respectively.
But at the end of the day, it is really up to your preferences. I personally think the main difference is of course the experience brought by these tablets based on their OS. Which one do you choose?

Why Google Nexus 10 is an iPad 4th Gen Killer

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