How to Change Boot Animation for Galaxy Ace

How to Change Boot Animation for Galaxy Ace | Samsung bootscreen

Change boot animation for galaxy ace easily

Hello, this time I will give a tutorial for Samsung Galaxy Ace. If you want a different look at the galaxy ace,
of course you should try this one boot animation. Boot animation is an animation when your smartphone is turned on or in a position to boot.
How to change the boot animation very easily. You just follow the instructions and the following steps, and all will work fine. Before changing the boot animation, make sure you have root your Samsung Galaxy ace.
if not, please read here.
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After that, you have to download and install root explorer. If you already have, please skip this step. and if not, please read and download here.
read: Download Root Explorer free for android

change galaxy ace boot animation

galaxy ace boot animation

Root explorer is to be used just like windows explorer on your PC. Ie to move files, copy and delete. ok
After you download and install, then the next step is to download the boot animation for galaxy ace.
you can download it here: download
After you download it, then open root explorer and copy the boot to your SDcard without changing its name. You can put the file in a directory outside of your sdcard for easy searching.

After that, at root explorer, now go to SDcard directory where you placed the file after that, copy the file and paste it in system / media. Make sure, change mount R / W to mount R / O on the top of the screen first to provide user access.
After replace the old file with new file, you must restart your smartphone to see the new bootanimation.
Good Luck. :)

How to Change Boot Animation for Galaxy Ace

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