Best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2013

Best Top Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2013

Best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Ace – After all this time I tried a variety of custom rom for galaxy ace, I finally found a custom ROM which I think is perfect and Best for me this smartphone. This is Samsung Galaxy Ace ROM 2013.
Almost any custom ROM for Galaxy Ace I have tried. I often get in one of the famous forum, the xda developers. Surely you all well know. Most of us download and install a custom ROM for Galaxy Ace to try to look the new android firmware. Such as android Ice cream sandwich or jelly bean Operating system.

Besides that, also because they wanted to replicate the look and user interface other smartphones that have higher specifications.

Top Custom ROM for Galaxy Ace

OK, this is the name of a custom ROM which I think is the best in 2013:
S’Perience Final ROM (use the view like android 4.2.1)
This S’Perience Final ROM for galaxy ace is divided into two versions, namely the BE kernel version 1.6 and also hacked Nims11 Kernel Memory. Recognized contributor by snowpluralism. This Custom ROM is very soft, fast access to applications and without lag.

These are the advantages of this custom ROM, please read:

  • Faster Rom that I ever seen
  • Very smoothly and fast
  • Lots of free RAM
  • Install application very Quickly
  • Good boot animation
  • The phone turn on super Quickly

Below is the screenshot of the Galaxy Ace with S’perience Final ROM:
best custom rom for galaxy ace 2013

top custom ROM for galaxy ace

best custom rom for samsung galaxy ace 2013

Best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2013

if you want to download this custom rom, please go to the official link at xda developers forum: ( Download final S’perience ROM for Galaxy Ace S5830 )
Best Custom ROM for Galaxy Ace 2013

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