Windows 8 Important Tips for Beginner

Windows 8 Tips for Beginner

Most people talk about Windows 8. It is very popular today. All latest laptop and PC will use Windows 8 as the operation system. Some experts say that the latest operation system will be able to fulfill all people need. People can adjust their PC and laptop as they like when they use this operation system.

Windows 8 tips for beginer

Windows 8 metro

For all of you who like to upgrade your computer or laptop with the latest operation system you must know some tips first. Here are some essential tips that you must know.

Top Windows 8 Important Tips for Beginner

First you better organize all icons on your screen.
How to organize all icons on your screen? You can easy organize all icons by dragging and dropping the icon. You can make a group for the icon so you will be able to find and use all icons effectively.

Second, you can replace the animation on your screen.
You can go to setting and then choose the best display for your screen. It is better to choose simple display so you will not waste your battery with the display.
Third, you can arrange the rows. It is simple to arrange the rows because you just need to go to setting.

It is important for you to create shortcut so you can do all things in instant time without need to open some pages in your pc and laptop. You are easy to make all steps in same time when you capture the screenshots. You can get rid the screen lock option so you don’t need to login in each moment again. Windows 8 will be helpful for you who know how to use all things inside the pc. You can install or upgrade your operating system with the latest Windows 8 operating system now. Please make sure that you choose the original software of Windows 8 because you can use it forever.
It’ll easy if we know about the windows 8 shortcut to organize and exploring the computer.

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Windows 8 Important Tips for Beginner

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