Windows 8 Laptop with Touchscreen – An Early Buyer’s Guide

Windows 8 Laptop with Touchscreen – An Early Buyer’s Guide

The latest version of Windows OS has been released for a while now, and there are bunches of Windows 8 laptop available on the market already. However, since this OS comes with touchscreen capability, many people including me are looking for laptops with touchscreen, so that we can truly enjoy the Windows 8 experience. This brings us to this point. We have collected a small list of touchscreen Windows 8 laptop for your early buyer’s guide.

Buying Guide for Windows 8 Laptop

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For those who are on a budget, there are good quality laptops from Asus. 

Asus Windows 8 buying guide

Depending on your budget and your display size preference, ASUS is offering ASUS Vivobooks Q200, S400 and Ultrabook S500 for $499, $599 and $649, respectively. Each comes with different display size of 11.6 inches (Q200), 14.1 inches (S400) and 15.6 inches (S500). All of them come with i3 processor (upgradeable).

If you got some extra cash and want more power, Sony is offering T13 Ultrabook. The rugged look laptops have two different display screen variants, 13.3 and 14.1 inches. With original specs that is similar to the Vivobooks, it is priced at $769. However, this one is very upgradeable, with some cost.

Convertible Tablet windows 8 Buying Guide

HP Windows 8 Buying Guide

For a more premium options, there’s HP Spectre XT TouchSmart. Priced at $1399, the 15.6 laptop is a high end laptop, in every way possible. It comes with i7 processor, with big 1920×1080 resolution screen and other high end specs like thunderbolt port, USB 3.0 and 2.0, and classy metal body.

If you are one of those eccentric-super-rich geeks, you can opt for Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13. The $999 laptop comes with some serious bending capability. Another laptop with unique display is the Dell XPS 12 that comes with high end specs and price. For $1199 you can ‘flip’ your display inside the hinge. Now for a true convertible laptop, Hewlett-Packard offers an $849 laptop named HP Envy X2 that can convert into a tablet. But the specs aren’t that impressive, though.
So which one will you choose? I am really interested with Envy X2 concept, but I think at the end of the day I would choose the XT Touchsmart.
Windows 8 Laptop with Touchscreen – An Early Buyer’s Guide

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